El viñedo | Casa Grande


We are in Rincón de Carrasco, in Canelones department, on the Los Horneros road, 10 km from the Río de la Plata. It is a semi-rural area, populated since the 19th century by immigrant families, mostly of Italian origin. The name of the road that leads to our vineyard comes from the brick ovens that worked in the area, which coexisted with orchards and vineyards.

The breezes coming from the estuary bring freshness and health to the vines. Our clay-loam soils are light-textured, deep and permeable, with very good vertical drainage, which allows the plants to root extensively and deeply. The quality of the soils provides wines of good structure and concentration.

Out of 17 hectares of vineyards, 10 hectares are used for Casa Grande wines. We plant multiple varieties of red vines – where tannat, merlot, cabernet franc and arinarnoa reign – and white vines – among which albariño, sauvignon blanc and viognier stand out. In our vineyard, vines that are almost 40 years old coexist with new varieties that we have recently introduced in order to experiment and observe their adaptation to our terroir.

After the reconversion that took place three decades ago, we replaced the old low trellis system of our grandparents with a system of training the vines mainly in lyre. This allows us to protect the grape bunches from frost, to make better use of the sunlight throughout the day and, in addition, to improve the well-being of the vineyard workers, who do not have to bend their backs during the vineyard work. According to Luis, our agronomist advisor, this is an "almost perfect" vineyard because, thanks to our good management, the age of the vines is hardly noticeable. And his words make us proud.

At Los Horneros vineyard, we care for an ethical relationship with the natural environment and with the men and women who shape it on a daily basis so that we can enjoy our wines.