Nosotros | Casa Grande


Casa Grande is family. We are the fourth generation of winegrowers and winemakers, and we rely on this family legacy to create this independent project, in the house where Gaetano De Maio's descendants grew up. Of Italian origin, the grandfather created the vineyard, following the adventure started by his father when he arrived in Uruguay in the 1920s, and continuing a much older tradition, a wine culture that has been passed down from generation to generation.

We are the De Maio Dito family: Washington, who tends and manages the vineyard with passion; Florencia, who in her little kingdom of the winery combines knowledge and intuition to make fresh wines with personality; and Francesca, the soul of the house who handles spoons and brushes to delight you with a delicious home-made dish or with a scene of country life captured on one of her canvases. In our footsteps, there is always the old and friendly Zippolo, our beloved dog.

Casa Grande is community. We work with Leticia, who as a child played among the trees in our garden while her father, the foreman Germán (Miranda to us), first helped grandfather Gaetano and later Washington with the work in the vineyard. During the grape harvests of her childhood, Leticia picked grapes with Florencia; today she accompanies her in all the winery tasks.

Carmen, her mother, also works with us in the harvest, as well as many cutters from the area, who year after year join in the harvest. They are workers who know their trade and the love and professionalism with which we take care of our vineyard.

But our work would not be the same without the valuable help of Luis Benvenuto, the agricultural engineer who has been advising us since 1986 and who is now part of the Casa Grande family. Nor would it be complete without the expertise of Andrés Risi, who every year collaborates in the elaboration of our incredible grappa, made in his old copper alembic.